Cong Yu is a Sydney based jewellery designer. With Yu’s degree in Art History, her pieces are inspired by an ongoing interest in jewelry as a sculptural material. Thinking of the compositions of classical bodies, her work aims to expand the notions of bodily figuration. Considering jewellery as a continuation of the arms or shoulders, Yu is concerned with an exploration and an expansion of form. She regards jewellery as an object in communication with the wearer’s physicality; as a way of inhabiting the self.

Each piece is worked and reworked with a notion of spiritual longevity in mind. It becomes a vessel for the artist and the wearer in which both may be represented through the years. Yu places an emphasis on the meditative quality of jewellery, and the duality and symmetry of the wearer and the object. Her designs are reminiscent of a notion of life and rebirth, considering jewellery to be innately sculptural and therefore connected to growth and transformation.

Yu’s pieces are made locally in small batches. Her jewellery making practice is invested in sustainability, making each piece to be treasured for years.



Yu’s jewellery making practice is invested in sustainability, she is fully committed to producing ethical jewellery. From designing, sourcing, crafting, to packaging and delivery, Yu harnesses conscious effort towards climate protection throughout her production processes.

Yu’s philosophy towards jewellery as a continuation of the body means that each piece is designed to be worn with durability in mind, making her jewellery to be treasured for generations. Each item is handcrafted at her Sydney studio in small batches or made to order. Yu will continue to be environmentally mindful when it comes to design and operation and will always seek out better processes that minimise the impact on our planet and people.