Jewellery Care

With appropriate care and handling, you can preserve the beauty of your jewellery and accessories for a lifetime. To ensure your jewellery remains in good condition, please refer to the care instructions below: 

Please remove your jewellery prior to sleeping, showering or swimming to avoid wear and tear. Wearing your jewellery should also be avoided when doing housework or gardening. 

Avoid letting your jewellery be exposed to perfumes, cosmetics and hair sprays. 

Jewellery items can become scratched when they come into contact with one another, please store your jewellery in the packaging provided, or another suitably lined box or pouch. 


Sterling Silver

Sterling silver will tarnish over time. To remove tarnish, please gently rub the silver with the polishing cloth provided. 



Our vermeil jewellery contains a thin layer of gold over sterling silver. The best method to clean your vermeil jewellery is gently rubbing with a soft cotton. Do not use jewellery cleaner or a polishing cloth on vermeil jewellery. 



Pearls are best cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Please keep your pearls away from chemicals such as cosmetics and make-up.



Gemstones should be gently wiped with lukewarm soapy water. Please avoid harsh chemicals and the use of an ultrasonic cleaner as they can damage the stone.