An ongoing commitment to transparency with you and our planet.




Longevity is at the heart of our design ethos. Our design philosophy is firmly based on jewellery as a continuation of the body. Our deep adoration to the human form means we put great emphasis on the contextual meaning beyond the visuals. Each CONG YU piece is responsibly made to last. Our defiance to trends does not come at the cost of everyday wear. When you purchase our products with timeless design at their core, you buy into longevity that will transcend generations.




The local communities are the souls and hearts of our business, we believe in kindness and respect to all members involved in our production cycle.

Considerations to our local makers are important to us - we are committed to ensuring all our partners are working under fair work conditions, including living wage, flexibly working arrangements, safe working conditions, leaves and holidays. We work confidently in collaboration with highly skilled makers and suppliers who share our philosophies of sustainability and transparency. Each piece is handmade with the utmost standard of artisanal craftsmanship and quality, by local makers in Sydney.





Less is always more.

We believe in curated, luxurious pieces without contributing unnecessary waste and harm to the planet. All our silver metals are recycled and ethically sourced. Materials used in our jewellery, accessories and objects are sourced responsibly as well. Any scrap materials generated in the production processes are kept for recycling and reuse. We produce in small batches and made-to-order, leaving no room for excessive stock or redundant waste. We are open-minded about sourcing globally for exotic gems and other raw materials such as freshwater pearls. In times that we do, we put deliberate measures to validate its origins – making sure they are traceable, fully transparent and come from conflict-free zones.



At CONG YU, we harness conscious effort towards environmentally sustainable practices that protect and will continue to protect the planet we hold dearly. We are proud of the progress we have achieved on sustainability:
- 100% biodegradable packaging by 2023
- 0 over-production

- 90%

We believe sustainability is an ongoing commitment and respect to our planet and its inhabitants. We pledge to continue to be environmentally mindful and will always seek out better sustainable practices that will rewrite the climate change narrative. Together, we can all be part of the solution.



All our production take place in-house in our Sydney studio, with natural skylight as our main source of illumination.